IACES Warsaw


Some history

In September 1989 students of Civil Engeenering Faculties from all over the Europe for the first time have met in Delft on ACCES - Academic Congress of Civil Engineering Students.Purpose of that meeting was disscussion on upgrading contacts between students of Civil Engeenering and similiar Faculties from whole Europe. So as to upgrade these contacts they established IACES - International Association of Civil Engineering Students.

IACES today...

Nowdays, working through net of Local Committees (LC) and Contact Persons (CP), IACES exists on over 50 European Technical Universities. We are organisation created by students and for students, which activity is based students initiative.

Our goals...

...is primarily to form international contacts between students of Civil Engeenering, exchange experiences, explore the cultures of other countries, and most importantly, make friends, so very useful for future life. To establish and develop international contacts between students of Civil Engineering, Local Committees IACES every year organize various events of local and international character.


... organized by the Committees Local are events in which students from various Technical Universities from all over Europe can participate. During week-long meetings, participants have the opportunity to learn new methods and technologies used in construction, participate in lectures and seminars by the best teachers and what is the most important, meet new interesting people.


... special for Civil Engeenering Students. Devoted to the most interesting objects, their structure, technological problems and how to solve them. Devoted to the most interesting objects, their structure, technological problems and how to solve them.


... between the local committees, the next little less formal and more relaxed opportunity to meet the country's culture and lifestyle of foreign students.

Training and Seminars

... organized for students of different topics from the Civil Engeenering, knowledge of which increases the qualifications of the labor market.


We are giving our best to find a job or an internship for our students.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is why it’s worth to go to IACES New Year’s Eve party, to sunbathe on a sunny Croatian beaches, sail or try out winter sports.

To learn more about IACES international activities go to our Gallery.

IACES activity in Warsaw

Local Committee IACES Warsaw operates in European IACES structures since 1997. If you want to check out what we’ve achieved recently go to our Gallery.